Saturday, 27 March 2010

Clifton Bristol Wedding

I was styling hair in Clifton today which is one place I LOVE! Clifton is a fantastic place with individual boutiques and bistros plus the world famous Clifton Suspension Bridge by Brunnel. The venue for today's wedding preparations were at the beautiful Avon Gorge Hotel and Jessica was staying in the 'Princess Suite' which has prime views over the gorge and suspension bridge .... amazing!

The bridesmaids hair was first curled with heated rollers then pinned into intertwined curls up on the crown of the head with soft tendrils in the nape of the neck. Once styled I pinned individual diamante gems into the styles then finished with a burst of hair glitter to give an added sparkle!

Jessica had decided to have a classical chignon which suited her fabulously rich brunette hair superbly. I first curled it to add body and then dressed it into the gorgeous style, pinning the hair securely before fixing the veil and tiara with the double hold method t0 make sure they held tightly and wouldn't move.

It was a really sunny morning and the time flew by as Jessica and the girls started to get dressed ready to go to the church for the ceremony before heading to Ashton Court Mansion for the reception.

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Clearwell Castle Vintage Wedding

After a couple of days of rain the sun returned today to make Lucy's wedding day just perfect. She had chosen the stunning location of 'Clearwell Castle' set in the beautiful Royal Forest of Dean.

I'm finding that Sunday weddings are becoming increasingly popular and there is something quite nice about styling hair for a Sunday wedding, a more relaxed feeling.
I started by putting Lucy's mum's hair into heated rollers and the same with her bridesmaid Sarah. Then I prepared Lucy's hair by curling it with GHD stylers to add body. When I did Lucy's trial she had decided on having a vintage feel to the wedding inspired by the fabulous invitations that her graphic designer sister had created.

One of the things Lucy kept saying was that she wanted the feel of Audrey Hepburn, the style we went for was the elegant side swept chignon creating an incredibly elegant look. Once the hair had been styled with the GHD's I dressed it into the elegant chignon and then fixed the fantastic vintage diamante comb that Lucy had chosen.

Both Mum and bridesmaid Sarah had decided on rolled french pleats which are a fantastic vintage classical style for weddings. Sarah had also chosen a beautiful diamante hair adornment which added a lovely finish to the pleat and Lucy's Mum had a great fascinator which again echoed the period feel.

Once all three had been styled and had make up applied I fixed Lucy's veil, they all looked amazing, very vintage and SO elegant!

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